We hate suppers that aren't up to snuff!

Cooking the perfect dinner is always tricky.

It requires time, effort and skills. You always want to make that great lasting impression – and your cooking is a part of that.

We’ve decided to combat sub-par meals! We’ve all tried running around all day, trying to perfect the meal, only to realize it doesn’t taste like we wanted it to or maybe it gets overcooked and with nothing to replace it.
That ends today! With a subscription to Your Easy Meal YOU decide what dinners you want each month, and we make sure they’re delivered to your doorstep.
We offer a variety of great brands and their products – all of which are paid with Credits – our very own payment system, which ensures that you always get great value-for-money!

Credits? What’s that?

Credits are the way we value products in our internal shop. By using this system we’re able to provide you with products that you wouldn’t normally get at this cost. By using our subscription you get a number of credits every month – this is decided based upon the subscription you choose.

We provide you with 10 Credits for every 1€ you spend on your subscription – All value, all the time!